Jamie thrives on driving creative ideas from beginning to end. As an Art Director/ Creative Director over the past 14 years she has helped develop some of the most recognizable brands in the world. A horse lover since birth, Jamie quit her job to follow her passion - photographing wild horses all across the Western United States. With a greater outreach from a growing instagram following, she has been inspired to do even more. Utilizing her talents, Jamie created her own production company that concentrates on bringing animal causes to the public through film & photography.  Jamie's latest project, the docu-series “Wild Lands. Wild Horses” (Formerly called "Taking Back The West")  will help bring awareness to the wild horse cause.


“Pass the safe act: the story of louisa, star, and baby skye”

This is the story of two horses who were saved from slaughter on Christmas Eve. We are hoping their story will inspire the passing of "The Safe Act" which would permanently ban horse slaughter in the U.S. and end the export of American horses for slaughter abroad. For more info please visit

Taking back the west

My docu-series titled “Wild Lands. Wild Horses” (Formerly called "Taking Back The West") will transport you to America’s western frontier where Wild Horses & Burros roam free. Filmed across 10 states over millions of acres of BLM lands. Join me on a journey to discover the beautiful yet harsh, lives of America’s Wild Horses. LEARN MORE


Mustangs of nj

My goal with “Mustangs of NJ” is to introduce New Jerseyans and the greater East Coast to the magic of America’s wild horses through my photos of these wondrous creatures. With work being done to more easily facilitate adoptions of horses into East Coast families, my hope is these photos will inspire viewers to learn more about America’s wild horses and that ultimately adoptions will grow. VIEW


See the mustangs through my eyes. Watch their triumphs, their sorrows, and their herd dynamic all unfold within a simple gallery. VIEW