We are currently in Post-Production for the Pilot episode! Thank you to everyone who supported and contributed to this project, I couldn’t of done it without you.


America’s wild horses are in crisis. With temporary holding facilities at capacity, multiple stakeholders laying claim to the land they’ve come to inhabit, and a shortage of potential adopters, the future appears grim for these living legends. Many who have tried to cover this issue in the past have exposed their preconceived notions and agendas. A single-minded approach is limiting, inhibiting successful conversation and implementation of viable solutions. In the end, everyone loses, but mostly, the American wild horse.

- Biz Stamm

"Wild Lands. Wild Horses."

Wild horses are forgotten icons to most Americans. In this show, Jamie will bring us along to observe the horses within their untamed western landscape; where most people seldom journey. The viewer will experience the majesty of the Western vistas, become part of the wild horse family unit, feel the love between a foal and mother, and experience the rush of adrenaline with dramatic footage of rival stallions. Viewers will fall deeply in love as they learn the language of the wild horse and explore what makes these horses unique national treasures. 

Wild horses are losing their freedom through government round ups; these gathers take once wild horses and condemn them to a life in crowded dirt lots behind metal pipe corrals - with little shelter. In every episode, we will showcase hope for these wild horses with a successful adoption story - a life-altering event, for both the horse and adopter. 

Jamie sets the stage for the many conflicting stakeholders involved - having uncomfortable conversation within a comfortable setting. Whether it is over coffee, or out in the range, differing parties will be given the opportunity to give their side of the story. The aim of this casual setting is to foster constructive dialogue, allowing opposing opinions while being reminded of the humanity we all share.


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JAMIE - CREATOR/HOST: Jamie thrives on driving creative ideas from beginning to end. As an Art Director/ Creative Director over the past 14 years she has helped develop some of the most recognizable brands in the world. A horse lover since birth, Jamie quit her job to follow her passion - photographing wild horses all across the Western United States. With a greater outreach from a growing instagram following, she has been inspired to do even more. Utilizing her talents to help bring awareness to the wild horse cause, she embarks on creating the docu-series “Wild Lands. Wild Horses.” Jamie is earnest, endearing, compassionate, sometimes charmingly awkward and hungry for the truth. Her relatability with people stems from her honest, disarming, bubbly personality. She typically shies from the limelight but will endeavor into any role to help a worthy cause. 



25 years apart, Deb is one of Jamie’s best friends and most trusted mentors. With eyes of an eagle, she spots wildlife a mile away and always captures the best shot. Jamie has a hard time keeping up with this wild long gray haired women! After developing a deep-rooted friendship through their wild horse traveling adventures, Jamie asked Deb to join her on her journey as a trusted sidekick. Together they create a stress-free environment for the people they interview as they are nothing short of entertaining. On the flipside, as artists they feed off each other’s talent and passion going above and beyond for the wild horse cause. The combination of their open hearts for the issues- and their ability to have a good time - brings such an interesting dynamic to the camera. 

Expect to see:



We will start each episode with a deep dive into the the HMA we are visiting. This will include the geology, HMA borders, and land uses.






Search for the wild horses and observe them in their natural, dramatic and compelling habitat. We will point out what we call “Wild Horse-Isms” which will explain what the viewer is seeing. An example of this would be the social structure of the wild horse.



Highlight a successful adoption story of a horse that was once wild in each episode’s herd.



We will have conversations with locals and key stakeholders to argue the specific issues with each episode’s herd. Discuss the current threats the herd is facing.

EX: Round-Ups, Range Wars, Starvation etc...



We will give a summary and call to action at the end of each episode as well as highlight a local organization which is helping the episode’s specific herd. 



Living in New Jersey, an area of the United States with very little experience or positive exposure to America’s wild horses, I realized that they are desperately in need of more engaging and constructive publicity. In the face of their ongoing battles to stay on the range and for those 45,000 wild horses who are in need of adoptive homes, my goal with "Wild Lands. Wild Horses." is to heighten America’s awareness through truth and in-film documentation. I hope to save our iconic western heritage, and offer solutions that will work for all special interest groups involved in our public lands.