I’m not a great writer, and I do not pretend to be.  However, this small glitch won’t stop the drive inside me to tell you stories. Stories of mustangs and the people who advocate for them. Wild and once wild horses who have their own stories to tell, but do not have the voice to do so. “This Mustang Life” will shed light on the importance of adopting a wild horse and help bring awareness for the horses that are still out there in the wild.  

If you get anything out of this site, I hope it’s love and appreciation for these beautiful creatures.


Join my journey of living with two once wild horses, my mustang photography trips, and the amazing people I meet along the way.

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See the mustangs through my eyes. Watch their triumphs, their sorrows, and their herd dynamic all unfold within a simple gallery. 

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There is plenty you can do to help get the word out about mustangs. Visit this section to get some helpful tips!

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